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Important dates

This is the place to find out when particular tax returns are due and also when payments are due.

August 1Corporation Tax payments due for year ending 30th November 2012. Interest charged if late
August 5End of July (PAYE month 4) for income tax purposes.
August 6Start of August (PAYE month 5) for income tax purposes.
August 7Last day for submission of online VAT returns for quarter ended 30th June 2013, with electronic payment. Tax-geared penalty.
August 12Expected Direct Debit date for June VAT returns.
August 19Last payment date for PAYE month 4 if paying by cheque. Tax-geared penalty and interest payable if deadline missed.
August 19
Last day for filing PAYE month 4 CIS monthly returns. Tax-geared penalty.
August 22Last date for electronic PAYE payments for July 2013 to reach HMRC. Tax-geared penalty.
August 31Last day for filing the accounts of private limited companies with a November 30, 2012, year end to Companies House. Penalty of £150 if deadline missed.
August 31Last day for filing the accounts of Public companies with a year end date of January 31, 2013, with Companies House. Penalty of £750 if deadline missed.
August 31Corporation Tax returns due for private limited companies with year end of July 31st last year. Penalty of £100 if deadline missed.
August 31Last day for submitting VAT returns for July 2013 for those still submitting on paper. Tax-geared penalty.
August 31
Calculation of partial exemption adjustments for VAT year ended May, 2013. Tax-geared penalty.

Forthcoming seminars

Seminars in this list are not always provided by NGM Accountants but because of our network of contacts we can arrange for our clients to attend. So if any of the items on the list are of interest, click on the link to book a place and we'll do the rest.

1st October 2013
Loving your Cash
26th November 2013
The Whisky Experience. Please note there will be a small charge for this event.https://www.facebook.com/events/263859757089950/?ref=22


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