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And having landed here, at NGM Accountants, your touchlocal professional, chartered certified accountants, let me tell you all about what you can do and how it will help you make your decision about using NGM Accountants as your professional accounting and tax advisers.

It stands to reason that by clicking on our link from Touchlocal it is safe for me to assume you're at least in the market to change your accountant. So if I were you, I'd want to check out our credentials and get some answers as to why you should choose us.

I know that when you meet us you'll be convinced that we're the right advisers for you but until we get to that point, I suggest that you check out our "10 difficult questions to ask your new accountant" page first. Once you've done that, come back here to navigate through the site or just use our menu.

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If you have questions about accounts you'll find all the answers in our Advice section. We want to eradicate jargon and in our key accounting terms section you'll find plain english explanations of just about everything.

We've also popped in a couple ofcase studies of real cases to show you what's possible. Just scroll down till you find business tips.

Blah, blah, blog, blog

We don't waste our words, and in both of our blogs you'll find up to date news about tax and business matters and in the BFO blog, the main theme is stuff we've spotted as we're going along. You know, the obvious things you don't notice in business? And don't forget our Business Matters blog: brand spanking new and full of ideas to help your business.

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Enhance yours by taking a look at our competitions. It's been shown scientifically that working on something challenging and then returning to creative thinking releases the quiet subconscious in you - the bit that is responsible for the best ideas. Prefer something easier to start with? Try the easy puzzle here

And us and you

The site reflects who we are and how we do things and already you can see we're different. No " About Us" here it's all about you so we'll tell you how we work with you.


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