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John Fairgrieve

John fairgrieveJohn is a chartered certified accountant and first qualified in 1980. In the last 30 years, John worked in the public sector and in its newly “privatised” incarnations. He has been in practice since 1994 and works with a range of clients.

He was president of ACCA Scotland between 2001 and 2003 and was a member of the ACCA UK Small Business Committee until 2005, and the Scotland representative on the ACCA International Assembly for five years.

In his spare time, John is an organist, keyboard player and has been known to sing and write music.


He is currently learning Italian and is also a keen white-knuckle coaster rider when he gets the chance!

Alton Towers is his preferred coaster destination and in Florida, it's hard to choose which of the many big coasters he prefers but Sheikra (A double vertical drop coaster and the tallest in Florida) is probably the one.


And as if that's not enough, a new sport has come into John's vision: Downhill. That's downhill on a mountain bike, and by hill we mean mountain (why else would you need a mountain bike?) (Doh!)

Now lets be clear about this, he's only just started with this new craziness and is


starting from the basics, because, while you never forget how to ride a bike, a mountain bike is a whole new beast. Learning how to jump, corner, deal with walls, rocks and roots and mud...it just goes on and on. The video clip below is a promo video for the 2011 MTB World Cup which was held at Fort William Scotland in June 2011, just to let you see the madness of the sport. The mountain is Aonach Mor, the ninth highest in the UK. Just take a look and see how crazy this accountant aims to be. We dare you!