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Self Assessment

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Tax is difficult and is the biggest single area of UK legislation and is still growing. More and more of it is on a self assessment basis which means that ordinary people have been awarded 100% of the responsibility for getting their tax returns right.

Is that possible?

For you, of course it is, because we take on the challenges and problems for you, we talk to the taxman for you and make sure you pay no more tax than you should.


MicroscopeAs HM Revenue & Customs puts more resources into investigations in order to generate cash, the chances are that ordinary taxpayers like you and I will come under more frequent and much closer scrutiny.

We can't prevent you being investigated but we can protect you from the costs of a tax investigation.

Tax facts

A pile of cdsTax is a massive topic.

The good thing is, you don't need to worry about that. We continuously update our tax knowledge as new stuff happens and we keep a weather eye out for the impact of appeals and submissions to the tax tribunals.

Because we get to know you and your business we can identify quickly when any tax changes are likely to have an effect on you and then we let you know in straightforward language:

What has happened

What the impact is likely to be for you and your business

How we can help you

More details?

LifebeltWe could write loads about each of the different taxes but if you've got a tax problem you don't need to be sitting reading about how tax works – that's our job.If you're reading this and need help just email us from this page:

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