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What we do


for the first 18-24 months Nurture - baby's dummyNurturing you and your business by supporting you in the early months and years to find your feet in business. As well as doing accounts and tax stuff, we'll be showing you how to keep your books, giving you help whenever you need it with your business, and encouraging you when things don't quite go as you might have expected. How would you like us to help?


from the third year onwards Grow - graphBusinesses don't stop needing help once they get past the early years and we recognise this. Making it through this stage needs determination and when you run out of steam, we'll be there exploring ideas with you, identifying and encouraging you to test things out and measure your results so you can make a decision about moving forward. What do you want to do next with your business?


On demand and when required Maintain - prop planeMaintaining is not only standing still, it's making your existing business better. Too often businesses become stuck in a rut – everything is OK but you feel you could make more money. So it needs a closer look by investigating and exploring what needs to get done and what effect that will have. Sometimes that will mean modifying what you do or getting some more training or just thinking differently or any of a number of actions. It's just like giving your business an MOT and we have a 12-point checklist we test against to make sure you do what's right for you and your business. So when did your business last have an MOT?

More details

More detailed information is available on our pages covering Your tax and Your accounts. When you're looking at the next few pages keep your focus on: "This is the kind of service level we need from our accountant." If you're not getting that level of support right now, just give us a call on Skype or by the more traditional methods if you prefer.