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NGM Accountants is in Bridgeton, Glasgow

Many people ask us where our office is and to say simply it's in Bridgeton, seldom completely answers the question. So this short page is designed to tell you a bit about exactly where in Glasgow, NGM Accountants is and a little about Bridgeton, Glasgow whose history is fascinating and whose future is about to be equally impressive.

Bridgeton, Glasgow - the origins

The village came into its own and began to grow after the Glasgow Bridge, further down river, was partially closed in 1765. That bridge was the main route from Glasgow to Rutherglen. It took until 1776 for the new bridge to be opened between the Barrowfield lands and Shawfield south of the river and the City Magistrates contributed £1000 of the £1800 construction cost to ensure it remained a free crossing. Main Street Bridgetown as it was then called, led from the village and across the River Clyde. Main Street exists to this day.

Bridgeton was annexed to Glasgow in 1847 and thereafter became an area of growing industrialisation.

There is much more detailed background here where you can read about Burns, Oliver Cromwell and Mary Queen of Scots who all had a connection with the area.

NGM Accountants is on the other hand entirely unconnected with such famous people!




Bridgeton, Glasgow - the future

Bridgeton lies at the centre of the East End cluster of venues for the 2014 Commonwealth games.

Celtic Park is less than a mile to the East and opposite the new National Velodrome which is being built right now, and slightly farther on is the Tollcross 50m swimming pool. So it's all happening here in the East of Glasgow.

The new M74 extension is also well underway and will provide a good route into the Games area in the East.


I'm going to take some great pics of the area so come back to this page again and check out the new Bridgeton and the East end, home of NGM Accountants.