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Love is....


You know the kind of thing: a cherub like image with a big red heart...

Love is probably about as hard to define as success although nearly as many attempt to do it regardless of how difficult it is.

Building a business from scratch - a really difficult task - is something I've not done for a good many years now. I guess it feels a bit like driving, once you've got the hang of it it gets easier but no driver I know today ever wants to sit the test again or start over.

The great thing about my business is that I get to see many different types of business and lots of hopeful start-ups and many that are doomed: if only they would listen to experience [ Yikes, I sound like my father].

So I love it when I come across a business that is just starting up that just works from day 1. And yet when first I heard about I thought it COULDN'T work then as I was given some evidence and told how it could work, I was converted. These two guys are running a business whose product they are passionate about and which they love. More about that one in a bit.

I know another business that was struggling - many businesses are still struggling because they don't yet know what it takes to makes it work - the owner of this business however is a fighter and, because of who she is and her belief in herself and her concept, has won the battle: a resounding victory! If I were to ask her to describe herself, she would say she is a f****** fighter (she is and has always been a plain speaking person). But this is the important bit - she is passionate about her business, and her customers. Her customer service is unique and has to be experienced to fully appreciate it. It is a place where the customers help out, where they are trusted and also believe in the business. The banks have been next to useless for her, and a serious competitor plonked itself on her doorstep about a year ago and still she fights on. I can't begin to tell you how she describes her former bank manager but I know what she means. She is so serious about helping others avoid the pitfalls she's been through, she's written a book about her time in business and what she has learned about how a small business needs to work. It is practical down to earth and sensible - and funny so if you want to know about that bank manager, get the book!

The common feature in each of these businesses is emotion and passion - about the product, about what they do for their customers; its about being dissatisfied with standing still and being ordinary; its about having faith and courage and "I won't let the b******* wear me down" mentality; its about believing you will succeed and being angry when you don't: some success is not enough success.

So who are the two mystery businesses?



Do you dare to bare your inner self and let the passion erupt?


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