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Business Matters

Leftie Loosie Rightie Tightie

I’m reading John Simpsons book right now “Not Quite World’s End” and while he is recalling his memories of Baghdad this tiny almost insignificant phrase is quoted by one of the Americans, reminding the news correspondents to ensure that the water is turned off in their rooms by checking the “faucets” before going out. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this – one of my mountain biking compatriots used it once when he was remembering which way to tighten the saddle assembly having lowered his saddle before descending downhill at 100mph.

Neat little phrases such as this help us through our ordinary lives allowing us to remember simple things. One of our young trainees couldn’t cope with how many days there were in April until a simple recall of the old rhyme (30 days hath September) sorted her out: I think the language nowadays is less biblical however.

So what are the neat phrases that help us through business – we surely need them as much as we do in our day to day lives? One springing to mind immediately is that “Turnover is vanity; Profit sanity”; another which is less catchy is “If you keep doing things the same way, you’ll keep getting the same results”; or what about “Fail to plan? Plan to fail”

They are however a little more abstract than our faucet example e.g. if you don’t typically spend much time planning then there is little that is going to jump out at you and make you recall the phrase and so you will fail unless someone or something reminds you. When faced with the problem of the faucet – fully on or fully off, the problem solving phrase instantly sorts things out: not so with our business phrases.

I suppose I could google to find if there are more but would I remember them even if I did? What business reminders have you come across and, better still, actually use? Don’t bother putting your answers on a post card, just post them here!


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