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I occasionally wonder whether email would be as prolific a medium for junk if it had a real economic price. For one thing it would more than likely put an end to spam; generally increase productivity for at least the developed world; and contribute to reducing the national debt of Italy inside 12 months.

Make the ISP's responsible for collection of the debt (as I suspect that only they could actually count the number of emails travelling the globe) and that might make all of us more responsible users too.

It's not as daft as you might think: in the past, government taxed windows in Scotland (which is the reason for so many blocked up window spaces in tenements) and I discovered in Florida this year that back in the 1800/1900s you were taxed on the number of cupboards (closets they call them) you had in your home. This is disputed however!

The beauty of taxing email is that it might actually change behaviour whereas taxing fuel doesn't significantly change behaviour .

Technology Cartoon #5210 by Andertoons

While we MIGHT be able to manage without or with fewer emails, today's cartoon made me contemplate how we would cope without ink in our offices. Printing would become a thing of the past, trees might become plentiful again.

In today's world when so much is electronically filed, the need for print is becoming less important. Newspapers are being sold online now, some of their content no longer free, books have been "kindled" or "audio-ed". It is only a matter of time until an ink shortage would actually have no impact on us. Legal documents can be electronically signed and voice recognition software can "write our words" giving us a record of our thoughts as we think them.

In fact we may actually begin to communicate with the spoken word again, no ability to print an email, emails taxed to the extent that we do not routinely copy them to all - even those just over the desk from us. Communicating in a human way with other humans.

"Imagine all the people living for today" (Lennon)




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