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Business is fun


Do you constantly seek excitement and new thrills every day?

As we all get older, it often becomes a "seen it, done it, got the teeshirt" kind of world. For this particular accountant though - even at my advanced age - I am still trying new things and being simultaneously scared shitless and having adrenalin rushes. You just need to check out the ngmaccountants facebook page to see what I'm talking about.

The film world seems to have hit on 3D as the next big thing although actually 4D is the next big thing, it's just that it would take too much to modify the cinemas I guess to make it a good business proposition right now.

Needing constantly to increase our excitement levels and to stretch our stimulation responses is good for you. For one thing it encourages some kind of growth but very often just leaves us wanting more. Almost anything that stimulates particular hormones (like endorphins), will lead you to want more and more.

Yeah, the 3D really brings it home, doesn't it? - An Andertoons Cartoon

But regardless of the medium or the added thrill of the experience, usually the core message is exactly the same. If sales are down they're down. A snazzy powerpoint presentation (as in today's 'toon) isn't going to change that.

I think my mother would have said something like "Fur coat and nae knickers "


I think today is a day when I'm going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Just remember this, no matter how you tart things up, colour them in or adopt indirect/ euphemistic language, fundamentally the message remains the same so why not tell it like it is? It saves time and you'll get far better engagement with your audience or team because there's less ambiguity and much more clarity.

Personally I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms right now: dark nights, almost constant low cloud, rain all contribute to keeping me firmly tucked up indoors. What that means of course is that my endorphin levels are dropping like a stone right now. So I'm going to have to think about some dangerous sports I can do at home.... gutter cleaning without a safety harness?


PS and for those of you who are wondering why the post is called Nose, you'll need to keep wondering.












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