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Business is fun


I've often wondered whether I don't have the skills to be a tradesman. My wife would absolutely say "No Way!", but it is still nice to dream of working with wood and creating something pleasant to look at or better still, be a plumber and deal with creating new central heating systems or fixing bursts or just simply dealing with the waste products of the world...well on second thoughts, maybe not. Maybe a joiner after all... There is something satisfying I guess about making a "thing" and then getting paid for it.

But now I think about it, an accountant is a master craftsman too: kind of like electricians and joiners and plumbers all rolled into one. [That's me made a couple (at least) of enemies].

Accounting isn't about adding up the numbers. That's bookkeeping. Accounting starts afterwards; business advice starts after we have the numbers and that's why as a master craftsman we spend as long as any tradesman getting to understand what business is about and THEN another 3 or 5 years serving our apprenticeship.

Sorting the "plumbing" in any business is a four stage process.

'I'm here about the cash flow.' - An Andertoons Cartoon

First we need to identify what the symptoms are or what the outcome is that's needed.

Secondly we analyse the data, the evidence, and check if that is consistent with the symptoms.

Thirdly test out some diagnoses of what it could be that's causing the problem.

Fourthly arrive at the solution and finally work with the business owner to fix the problem by fixing what's broken or creating something new to get a better result.

Just like a Doctor. Just like a Plumber. Just like a Joiner.

Except that we turn up on time and when we say we will.



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