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KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid. I think everyone knows this acronym and uses it regularly (sometimes appropriately).

But I think it's more complex than just using the glib, almost hackneyed phrase. It's almost an automatic response nowadays, almost like the "air quotes" many people use.

It's more complex because the glib phrase requires action to make any sense of it. As business owners it's all too easy to get so embroiled in the complexity of a problem which by its nature grows arms and legs just by looking at it. Arms and legs that twist and turn and become tangled, making a real gordian knot of a problem.

Very often as accountants we are presented with such problems - with neither a beginning or an end - A Gordian Knot - and we need to find a simple solution to it. The great beauty about NGM Accountants (we are beautiful in many respects!) is that we see the problem from the outside, and, like Alexander the Great, see the simple solution to the problem.

Cartoon #3108 - 'I don't get it.  If they all want the ball so badly, why don't they just buy more balls?!'

We don't make the mistake though of oversimplifying to the point of stupidity though. And problems that involve people or human reactions are never simple. Our solutions come from our perspective; our ability to be outside the problem and to see it with different eyes; to look at the solution required and not be bound by the route to the solution that our clients seem bound to follow.

Some people call this creative accounting, and I can understand that definition in that context. Creative accounting is not false accounting as many people believe it is, or calling one thing something else - that IS false accounting.

It often takes an outsider to see the problem as it is and to view the solution as the important and desired result, and not the solution of the problem as the result.

With a title like "Simples!" you might have thought that this article would have been about insurance, meerkats or anything else other than greek mythology, but that's the power of the Business is Fun Blog: unexpected outcomes from simple beginnings.

Meerkats are cute and cuddly creatures who never seem to have a problem except people who seem to get confused between market and meerkat. Our clients who share their problems with us get them solved [full stop]



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