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Business is fun


For my US readers, first of all, don't panic: it's weeks away yet and the really great turkeys won't yet be in Walmart. In the UK and the rest of the world, you probably don't even celebrate thanksgiving.

Yet we all have things to be thankful about - even if we think our lives couldn't get any worse - and some say that if we simply thought about and were thankful about at least one aspect of our life each day, not only would the world be a better place but we would be better people individually and collectively.

I am thankful for my business: my customers and clients; my team and my suppliers all of whom go to make up the recipe that is uniquely NGM Accountants.

Stormy weather

When you first engage a financial advisor as distinct from an accountant, one of the topics of conversation is about your attitude to the risk profile of your preferred investments. And you will have this conversation more than once during that relationship. I almost wonder if I should have that conversation with my clients because there are times when the approach they take to getting receipts for things is high risk. But enough about that, I'll tackle that with those concerned.

Business is not a risk free zone at the best of times. Simply doing business on credit can be risky these days even with a credit check, and then where do you sit in the supply chain? You need to remember that it's not only your customer you have to think about, it's also their customers or their other suppliers. Of course YOU can't do anything about those people but how much interest do you take in them so you are better prepared?

Cartoon #3911 - 'And later in the day winds gusting in from the west for those of you looking to throw some caution.'