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Business is fun


Don't just hate success?

If you live in the West of Scotland, the answer is probably a resoundingly loud YES. Though it clearly depends on your perspective. If you are the successful person in business you probably love it whereas everyone you meet will hate you for it. You know the kind of thing: "He doesn't deserve that.." or "He seems to forget he was brought up in Cranhill (a district of Glasgow which has had an ambivalent reputation for many years.)" or " Fur coat and nae k......s".

I'm sure you know even more expressions of sheer jealousy or hatred that the Scottish Parliament hasn't yet got round to - .


Do you constantly seek excitement and new thrills every day?

As we all get older, it often becomes a "seen it, done it, got the teeshirt" kind of world. For this particular accountant though - even at my advanced age - I am still trying new things and being simultaneously scared shitless and having adrenalin rushes. You just need to check out the ngmaccountants facebook page to see what I'm talking about.

The film world seems to have hit on 3D as the next big thing although actually 4D is the next big thing, it's just that it would take too much to modify the cinemas I guess to make it a good business proposition right now.


Its true to say that not all business development tools work in Small Businesses.


I suspect that its not about the tools themselves but much more about the business owners and their expectations of the outcomes.

Why don't people listen?

Mrs Richards was the complainer in that particular episode of Fawlty Towers. Ironically it was she who didn't want to listen as she regularly turned off her hearing aid. In fact that was what made that particular scene so funny!

Many people have selective hearing and occasionally very short spans of attention to things that don't actually interest them.

I find sometimes that while explaining something important about tax, a dull shine comes over peoples eyes as they mentally tune out of the discussion either because its not as interesting as they first thought it would be or because they understand the words but fail to see how it impacts on their wealth just yet. It would be understandable if I said either out loud or to myself "Why don't people listen?"


You know those gifts/ cards that say " I saw this and thought of you"? Well this is what I thought when I saw today's Andertoons cartoon - it was just so me.

And it's about time I had some me time. I've been changing my diet recently. The one the doctors recommend, according to my friend, Colin McKeand of Nutritox, is more myth than truth and doesn't work. It doesn't. My weight see-sawed by +/- 5 lbs and ended up higher than before.

Cartoon #4826 - 'I'm on the Atkins, so I'll take as much spam as I can get!'See more Business Cartoons

Interestingly, I've not had spam since I was a kid, and I'm not sure I would even consider it as meat nowadays. My palate has moved on (though not from corned beef) to real meat. And I have been following an Atkins diet and I have now got to the target I set 8 weeks ago, in just under 2 weeks. Atkins works for me and I've never had any side effects of any kind. Last time I managed to lose a huge amount and felt great. I aim to do so again without the use of spam.