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Why break the habits of a lifetime?

We might say that usually when someone says they will change by stopping doing something they shouldn't. But it's said so tongue in cheek that it is obvious we don't believe they will change. So it's not the most encouraging thing to say to someone who wants to change their habits since it immediately dents any hope they might have of changing.

..and then another drop this month. But, I have a really good feeling about next month. - An Andertoons Cartoon
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Predictable patterns of behaviour are helpful sometimes in being able to respond or plan for the future. and generally repetitive behaviour, while sometimes annoying, at least gives some certainty about the future.

Who moved my cheese?

I've got to say that it took me a wee minute to figure out today's bit of humour but the clue is in the picture and the kids sitting around the table! I'll leave the rest to you to work out. But today's important message is simpler to understand - there are two actually.Cartoon #6019 - Corporate would again like to apologize for the typo.  That being said, we really do need to focus on adapting,Family Cartoon by AndertoonsThe first message is the easiest and that is attention to detail. The direct comparison for us as accountants is simple: getting the comma in the wrong place or miscalculating a variance can make a massive difference to our clients' understanding and more importantly to the actions that they take.The second is a bigger topic and probably needs a whole article on it's own someday soon, and that is change and adapting. I met with a number of people yesterday in an organisation subject to huge public sector cuts in the last two years (and facing still more this year) that has forced massive structural change on its employees. My message - though seeming cold and logical was simply this - change is the new normal. It is so true. We all need to get better at accepting that the days of things staying the same for years on end are long gone.Time you found out who moved your cheese.JohnF