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Business is fun

I don't believe it!

The avuncular Victor Meldrew almost never believes anything, if his scripts are anything to go by. Of course, it has become one of those well known catchphrases that has passed into the vocabulary with the same ease which Bankers employ when awarding bonuses.

"I don't believe it!". Is it shock or genuine disbelief? Incredulity is often employed as a mark of surprise when emphasising how delighted we are with something. How often do you say, "it was an absolutely incredible night!" Well maybe you don't say THAT all that often but I'm sure you understand my meaning. All day now you'll be hearing yourself say, "that blog was incredible wasn't it?"



A challenge that many people face in business is getting the message across. In fact being more specific about it, it's a challenge that I sometimes face with customers while trying to help them understand the complexities of business accounting and ratios.

For me it's easy to demonstrate how a ratio works and what it means but sometimes that's not enough, no matter that I explain it - as I do in every situation - in plain, jargon-free english.

But consider what would be better. Consider what could convey instantaneous meaning. Think about how TV works these days: whether you're watching a general election broadcast or ordinary day to day news, many news items containing concepts or numbers are presented in a "Minority Report" style with tables and charts and images flying on to the screen and off again, overlapping and connecting, clicking through the tables to real data and back up again. Even Sage50 Accounts has developed some of this technology so that you can "drill down" through the different layers of numbers making it easier than ever before to find out the cause of an over or under spend.