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Business is fun


Grey is the colour of an accountant or so popular culture tells us. Personally, I prefer red - for warmth, passion, love, adventure and danger. Maybe that says more about my personality than my profession. Many accountants choose the tried and trusted blue, grey, gold and sometimes, purple.

Designers will tell you that all of these colours have psychological overtones and that is why so many accountants' websites are a cold, chilling blue!

So here we have a very defined interpetative boundary between two primary colours.


I don't often write about ethics and so you'll be pleased to see that I'm not going to start today. Ethics, while interesting and challenging, is not a topic for a fun-focussed blog like this.

But Values are important - and different from ethics in some ways - and are the rules by which we work or behave or act. Embedded often by our parents, our values can change in time and because of our life experiences. Nowadays values seem less like values to me at any rate. Personal values like honesty, decency, integrity, loyalty, truthfulness, and fairness all seem such old fashioned concepts in our "who cares" world.

At times like this I am glad to be old and as an accountant to have these values deeply embedded in my psyche. It is not of course something we brag about in our marketing. It would be boring in the extreme and also because they are taken for granted by everyone else: our clients expect these as a basis for doing business and NOT as an extra that is negotiable.