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Business is fun


Its a not uncommon thing now to walk into Starbucks or - if you're wiser, into biblocafe in Glasgow's Woodlands road - to find most of the seats occupied by what I call visonistas.

There they sit focussed, on their own creativity, oblivious to the world as it hovers in their presence looking for a share of a table. Few of us, sitting down in a cafe or public space immediately strike up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to or opposite us, and unless the lift breaks down, will easily pass a minute or so in a perhaps embarrassing silence as the hollow cube rises or falls in the lift shaft till we reach our destination.

We have become islands in our own world. And yet, "No man is an island, entire of itself" (John Donne). We should be - are - social animals but still it is the done-thing (no pun intended) to ignore our neighbours.

Get out of jail free

"Money back guarantee!"

"Your money back if not completely satisfied"

"100% Customer Satisfaction"

How Social-able is your business?

It's the in-thing these days, tweeting and facebooking and all manner of other constant, in your face stuff. Some people that are in my twitter feed, post useful things - like " are there any accountants on twitter tonight?" Fortunately I was and could answer the question I was asked.Will it ever turn into business? I don't know but it is one more touch on my way to 9 that I need before someone becomes a customer. Social networking is similar to old school networking but different. You don't often get a chance to meet or see your twitter friend, like you would in good old fashioned face to face networking. Cartoon #6124 - As soon as I text, IM, tweet, and update my status to getting right down to it, Ill get right down to it.Andertoons Business Cartoons