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We've got a new website.

But I guess you're getting bored with that now. I'm not.

It is a constant joy adding and subtracting items - an accountant's dream!

However what I want to tell you about is a tiny secret. if you know about it, I hope you've taken action and can steal a march on your competitors. If you don't, and you have a website, this will take less than 3 minutes to tell you about and will devour the rest of your life.

If you have a website, you must get it hooked into Google Analytics. It is easy to do and if someone else built your site for you, and didn't build in analytics coding then fire your designer and go to fuzzylime. But maybe I'm going a wee bit fast.

Google analytics is a web tracking tool which is free. It lets you know how many hits you had, when, from where, what they looked at, for how long, how they got there and where they went next. And that is literally scratching a tiny spot from the surface of Google Analytics.

For one thing it can identify how many leads you are missing which, perhaps with better text or content, you may have been able to capture as a prospect and at least get the chance to pitch to.

I am new to the whole web thing and so I limit my investigations to:

  • Total visits per day
  • New Visitors included in the total
  • Number of new visitors within a 25 mile radius of Glasgow
  • What page did they land on first
  • How did they find me

To get that critical information takes me about 2 minutes and I know before I start work, the number of potential enquiries I have or could receive.

To begin with I was super excited by visitors from Libya, China, Burma, USA and Singapore but the reality is - while these visitors are finding useful fact sheets (cos that's what they look at), they are never going to be customers. It may come as no surprise to learn that I know nothing about Chinese tax law!

So I focus on my area - 25 miles radius of Glasgow and what got them there, so I can do more work on my referral sources and on the landing pages (where they hit the site for the first time).


Get your web designer to build in analytics code for you into your site. You'll be astonished at what you discover by Googling Google.


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Artur on September 28, 2012

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