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In case you hadn’t heard that is, the first budget of the new government is in June.There is much speculation already about what that very special Budget Day will bring and I am not a betting man – would you expect an account to take risks? – so I’m not going to predict anything right now except for three things:We’ll see VAT rise to 20% and the scope extended to include some stuff that is presently zero rated but not non-luxury foods, children's clothes or travel (yet).I believe there will be a small rise in Personal Allowances to move towards the Lib Dem ideal of the first £10,000 of earnings to fall out of the tax net, and finallyCapital Gains Tax (CGT) will rise probably to 20% into put income and capital gains on an equal footing, but this will be a temporary measure in advance of a more full review of how CGT works.OK, I’ve nailed my colours to the mast.Are you brave enough to have a guess?

Incidentally, we'll be publishing a budget update the day after the budget so you get the best advice as soon as its available


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