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Living life on the edge

On the edge of what you might ask.


On the edge of life? edge of a cliff? or just plain on the edge. (full stop)


My life has been so much lived "on the edge" that I have had a gyroscope fitted to keep me in balance. But there's more to this ...

Accountants seldom live life on the edge. At least that's how people see us, so naturally, most accountants don't. For one thing, it's a dangerous place - the edge, really easy to get knocked over. One small slip is all it might take...


But I'm talking marketing here, not mental or other kinds of health, not even accounting. Marketing.


I'm also NOT saying that as a firm we would (necessarily) copy another successful business owner of our acquaintance and become provocatively on the edge. Want to see what I mean, check out this link to the online Daily Record. What works in one industry may not necessarily work in every one but the point is - I'm sorry, I can't attribute this quote properly -


"if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got."


So it really doesn't matter too much what your business sector is, what does matter is how are you going to get noticed among the thousand others doing what you do?


Test out these marketing claims and see how many apply to your business...


  • Friendly helpful staff
  • Achieve the results you deserve
  • From the traditional to the more unusual
  • We provide a high quality, professional ______service
  • Wide range of _____products available
  • Fast friendly and efficient
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Established professional company



Those are the best of a big bunch but everyone can claim these features in their business.


What the potential customer needs is a reason to buy from YOU. Why advertise if all you're going to say is the same as the three or four other trades/ businesses on the same page of the newspaper or magazine


Just take a look in any magazine or newspaper - especially the local ones. You'll spot the problem immediately.


So you need to start living life on the marketing edge. Do stuff no one else is doing - but beware: they'll try to and will copy you, so do something even more different and so on. Always staying one step ahead.


Go where your trade doesn't go - remember the IT business in Paisley - but NEVER slate the competition.


Even if you are a roofer!







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Roseanna on September 28, 2012

No queisotn this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.