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HMRC Task Forces on the march

HMRC announced back last year that they would be creating 12 Task Forces which would be geographically specific and carry out intensive bursts of compliance activity into high risk trade sectors.


A further 6 task forces have just recently been announced following the success of an attack on restaurants in London, Scotland and the North West of England. Over 530 businesses were investigated and unpaid tax of almost £700k identified in just 10% of the total and 22 business owners now face prosecution and potentially a prison sentence. 2 restaurant owners were detained in Edinburgh and subjected to interview as part of the Scottish element of the investigations.

The 6 new task forces announced are:

Christmas draws nearer every day ...

…and every day is shorter and shorter. Time seems to be moving at a rate which defies planning and management. Trouble is my desire to get things done as soon as possible seems not to be matched by others desires to save money! Everyone by now MUST know that the tax year-end was April and that the returns must be in by 31st January with the tax man, so the bit they don’t get is they need to be with me a good bit before that – like 2 weeks ago! So why do I care when they don’t?