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Still more Good News and Bad news...

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More good news this week which I know is hard to believe, since its only 4th September already.


Why Public Expenditure isn’t the issue

David Cameron has certainly upset Gordon recently, hasn’t he? Everyone had bought into the need to preserve health spending etc and were resigned to paying the extra National Insurance next year, mainly because they had no voice to be able to do anything about it – that was the real reason we were all resigned to it. Gordon’s answers to any questions or criticism of his sound policy are always going to rely on the fear factor – protect public services, where will the extra cuts come from to pay for not doing the National Insurance increases? Public Expenditure isn’t the issue with the planned National Insurance increases.

PAYE computer systems

Yesterday, Moneybox live on BBC Radio 4 reported the problems with the HMRC PAYE computer system. You can read the article here. The programme went on to discuss one aspect of policy proposed by the Conservatives which is that they would remove the PAYE burden from employers by using the BACS system. BACS is the payment system used by most people when they pay bills through their bank account.