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Small jobs become big jobs

No one loves every task they have to do. As human beings we all have preferences and so we will generally do the things that we enjoy before we do the things we don't.

I've noticed that if I put off doing a job because it is maybe something I don't like doing or because I think it is going to be a big complicated task, generally the longer I put it off, the larger the job seems to become.

Last week, I had one very good example of that.

Last year when we were in America, Thomsons damaged our suitcase and I made a claim against them for its replacement. They sent me a form which I added to my to do list but somehow it seemed to drop down the to do list priorities: there was always a tax return to be done or perhaps meetings with customers or anything. Anything except filling in this form.This was definitely a form for the pending pile!

Last week, I filled in the form. It took me less than 5 minutes to do and it was easier than I thought it was going to be. The information it asked for looked daunting but in fact it was simple stuff.

Although this is the most recent example of this, I've noted this before but not really picked up on it. Now that I have, it isn't happening again!


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Marian Dougan on June 28, 2010

That's so true! I tackled some long-overdue filing and (confession time) up-dating of my invoicing records last week. The feeling of satisfaction when you get these chores done is immense.

I'm doubly glad I did the invoicing records as I need that info now for a bid I'm submitting - and there it is, all available, easily accessible and up-to-date!