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The man with two brains

"so many brains. I feel like a kid in a candy store"


A quote from the film with Steve Martin form the mid 1980's.


By the end of today that was just how I was feeling except maybe I needed more than two.


Confused yet....


Read on!

Today I discovered something about my brain. First I only ACTUALLY have one. As we don't consciously use even the one we have to its full potential, what on earth would I do with two!


However it finds it difficult to change track. Let me explain -and this is why this is a BFO for me today - I'd been two a couple of sales meetings today in the morning and by the time I came back into the office, I couldn't focus on routine things - like opening the mail, reviewing and finalising accounts and tax returns. It sounds awful when I write that but honestly, my mind was in sales mode and NOT accounting mode.


The brain behaves totally differently for these two opposite tasks. Accounting, Tax etc requires a logical, calm and almost cold approach. The numbers themselves have no emotion, no warmth, no feeling.


Sales on the other hand requires a care for people, a listening and open mind, it needs to be able to see the gaps in thinking. Sales generates extremely high levels of adrenalin - certainly in my case - and extra energy. I don't know why that happens; I just know it does.


So no matter how long the drive back, it takes some hours to "come down" from Sales so maybe the best thing is NOT to try to do things that sales brains can't do, but perhaps to stay in the marketing zone. The marketing zone is a creative place, and good fun to be in.


Not that accounting isn't fun or creative at times. So take my experience to heart and on a sales day don't try to do logical cold tasks, stay in the heat of sales and use up your adrenalin responsibly.


I'm quite sure that Dr Hfuhruhurr would approve.



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