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Networking Not working?!

It's difficult sometimes to reconcile the investment needed to do networking with the perception held by those who don't network that it is a waste of time.


The people who organise networking events hold that networking is working - if you see what I mean - and people who go to them can't all be wrong, or am I simply trying to justify why I go?

There is something worse than the Plague

Hard to imagine, but I have had some practical experience of this and know absolutely what I am talking about.


The Plague was (apparently) mostly fatal as Camus set out in his book "La Peste" - a great book to read, although you should try it in English - much easier on the whole. There was an irrationality about who caught it and this underlined the irrationality of life - yes, one of THOSE books.

The man with two brains

"so many brains. I feel like a kid in a candy store"


A quote from the film with Steve Martin form the mid 1980's.

Consciously Incompetent

Mostly when we are operating inside our comfort zone, doing the things we know every single day, we are operating at a level of unconscious competence. We do it almost without seeming to think about it, although in reality our brain is just taking over on a sort of autopilot. Simple things like getting dressed, making a cup of coffee or just driving the car are all examples of autopilot behaviour or unconscious competence.


This is the pinnacle of the measures of competence.

If you never share your problems you'll maybe never find the solutions

I didn't know today until we were speaking about our electronic (internal) filing

post it my own idea!

system that it was possible to save an email as a file. It was one of those very accidental discoveries which will change my life - like post its and blue tac.

Small jobs become big jobs

No one loves every task they have to do. As human beings we all have preferences and so we will generally do the things that we enjoy before we do the things we don't.

I've noticed that if I put off doing a job because it is maybe something I don't like doing or because I think it is going to be a big complicated task, generally the longer I put it off, the larger the job seems to become.